I doubt anyone has ever strung those 4 words together.

In Nepal for trekking, I had a crown come loose.

Google results for “dentist Kathmandu tourist” were not all that helpful.

Still, I contacted 3 dentists by email looking for an appointment in the following two days.

Dental Spa gave me the most specific response, including expected prices. (US$20 if it was a simple recementing.) I like their website best, too. It had testimonials from other tourists and looked very good based on the photos.

In fact, they have a Dental Tourism page.

Dental Spa fit me in immediately. I had the crown attached and some additional cosmetic work fixing two chips.

That got me thinking, … hikers looking for an excuse to come to Nepal should schedule dental work months in advance. IF you can save on overpriced dentists in your own country, it will help subsidize your adventure in the world’s highest peaks.

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