A great smile often acts as a booster for your self-confidence, and modern cosmetic dentistry has enabled us many advanced procedures to reshape our smile. One such procedure is dental implantology.

If you are missing one or more teeth and wish to eat your favorite foods, increase your chewing ability, and improve your appearance, speech, and self-esteem, then you are a candidate for dental implants. A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and is made from surgical-grade titanium alloy, which is a bio-material metal, to exacting specifications.

Initially, the implant is placed into the jaw bone either immediately after the loss of a tooth or after an extended period of time. If there is insufficient bone, various bone enhancing procedures can be performed prior to the implant placement. An abutment, which acts as a base for a prosthetic tooth replacement such as a crown, is inserted into the implant at the time of implant placement, or subsequently after a period of healing.

The benefits of using implants are :