Invisalign Braces: The Invisalign System treats straightens your teeth with a series of custom-molded aligners. These clear aligners fit over the teeth and gradually straighten them. No braces or wires are used. Invisalign can be used for the most common problems for adults and teens. Before you can be a candidate for Invisalign, your tooth growth must be complete and your permanent teeth must be in. Ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.


There has been an increase in the demand for, and the design of, esthetic orthodontic appliances. These include clear braces, ceramic braces, and appliances WHICH DO NOT EMPLOY BRACES AT ALL. One of the newest treatment methods is the ‘Invasilgn’ system. This is a series of clear removable appliances that are designed and planned to utilize the latest technology and materials. We will be happy to discuss the applications for this type of orthodontic appliance, including the appropriateness of this type of treatment for your particular case. You can find more information about Invisalign at

Please be aware that not all of these esthetic appliances, or removable appliances, are capable of the same precision as traditional braces themselves. In addition, some of these treatment methods, including the Invisalign system, are designed primarily for easy to moderate malocclusions in the ADULT DENTITION (or for teenagers with most of their adult teeth in place).

Benefits to Invisalign:

  • No metal or wires to irritate your lips or cheeks
  • Good for people who play sports since it reduces the potential of injury to the mouth
  • Removable – so you can take it out from time to time