Lava Zirconia Crowns & Bridges are touted as one of the most esthetic and clinically proven all-ceramic restorations available today. Lava restorations offer excellent long-term stability with no allergenic potential. Milled from a Lava zirconia block, each framework is colored using one of eight VITA shades. The Lava crowns demonstrate exceptional marginal fit, lifelike translucency, and long-term durability.

The recent development of zirconium-based CAD-CAM dental crown materials combines computer technology precision and the strength of metal crowns while offering life-like superior aesthetic quality. Instead of relying on a dental technician, well-fitting crowns can be robotically made using CAD-CAM technology with significantly reduced human intervention. Research has shown that the fit of these CAD-CAM crowns is excellent even at a sub-microscopic level. Therefore, Zirconium crowns may be the closest to the perfect material for any smile makeover.

We at Dental Spa offer full-contour Lava restorations. Lava crowns deliver consistent strength, optimized fit, and excellent esthetics.