The biggest hindrance for any person with crooked teeth is to have the courage to get metal braces, quite often the fear of a horrid social impact deters many from having braces, many instead choosing to live with their naturally (but crooked teeth) teeth, fearsome of the horrible wedding pictures with a “metal braces look” or even suffer workplace taunting of having a “metal mouth”. At times transparent/ceramic braces may help hide a bit of the “metal braces look but it may still not be sufficient to convince you to get the treatment. Therefore, Dental Spa has introduced the latest treatment in the field of orthodontic braces, the “LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS”.

Lingual braces: These are the ultimate custom treatment for patients whose lifestyle or job dictates braces that do not show. Lingual braces are placed on the inside, rather than the outside, of your teeth. These “invisible” braces work like traditional braces. Therefore, if you are self-conscious of your appearance and would not feel confident wearing traditional braces, lingual braces are an excellent choice.

The photos below show before, during, and after photos of lingual braces: