Tooth-colored fillings, also called white fillings, are dental fillings that restore and mimic the natural appearance of tooth structure. In addition to restoring teeth that have fractured or decayed, tooth-colored fillings may also be used cosmetically to change the size, color, and shape of teeth. This quality is particularly useful in closing gaps between teeth; repairing chipped teeth and making teeth appear to be more straight or even.

In addition to giving you a more natural appearance, white fillings actually bond to the teeth, which strengthens them as well. They are made of a resin compound that contains a light sensitive ingredient. The light-cured white filling composites are placed and then hardened using a special light for a few seconds. White filling composites can be done in one visit.


Dental Inlays and onlays, or dental overlays, are used to restore cavities that are deep or large that simple fillings does not or may not suffice. They can also be used to restore teeth that are cracked or fractured if the damage is not so severe enough to require a dental crown. They are usually made by dental technician from porcelain, composite resin and sometimes even from gold. Because they can be created from tooth-colored materials, inlays and onlays are often used to replace metal fillings for patients who desire a more natural looking smile.