There are several methods available to whiten teeth.

The enamel covering of the tooth can become discolored from things such as:

Discoloration can also occur because of heredity or aging.

What makes a good tooth whitening candidate?

Ninety percent of people or more make good candidates for tooth whitening. However, if your stains were caused by fluorosis or tetracycline, you may get lighter teeth, but the results generally aren’t as striking compared to the results on other types of stains.

You may not be considered a good candidate for a tooth whitening procedure if you have:


How long do whitening results last?

There is no definite answer because each whitening patient is different. Factors that can cause differing lengths of results include your heredity and how many staining foods and drinks you consume following treatment. A lot of whitening patients can see results last anywhere from one to three years without needing major touchups.

If you want longer-lasting results, porcelain veneers are an alternative that can give you a whiter smile for a much longer period of time.


What results can I expect with tooth whitening?

Because everyone is different, there is no way to tell for sure how much lighter your teeth will get. You can usually expect at least a two- to five shades improvement from your original coloring. However, the amount of whitening achieved also depends on what type of stains or discoloration you have and how well you follow the dentist’s orders. If your teeth are gray, for example, you will probably only achieve a lighter shade of gray. Also, whitening does not work on artificial dental materials such as resin, composite, or porcelain in your mouth.

Is tooth whitening safe? Does it have any side effects?

Tooth whitening is a safe and effective method of getting whiter teeth in many studies done over the years. Tooth whitening products have garnered the seal of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA). The only side effects people may encounter are minor gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, which should disappear at the end of the treatment.

Will It Hurt?

The POLA OFFICE teeth whitening process is normally painless. A very small percentage of people may experience a minor, dull “ache” following the procedure. Taking a flexon (ibuprofen) almost always resolves the feeling. It is best to avoid very hot or very cold drinks for the first 24 hours if there is any tooth sensitivity.

We are providing state-of-the-art technology to whiten teeth and enormously enhance personal appearance and esthetics. Our POLA OFFICE bleaching system delivers truly amazing results, whitening teeth an average of five shades in just an hour.

What can I do for yellow teeth?

The best solution for yellow teeth is usually a professional POLA OFFICE in-office procedure. This can also be combined with a take-home kit for even better results.

How does POLA OFFICE work?

Ultraviolet light technology plus a proprietary bleaching gel are used to brighten all your teeth at the same time. The primary ingredient in pola office gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has been a recognized safe, effective whitening agent in the dental profession for over one hundred years. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide in pola office proprietary gel is far lower than in most other whitening products, many of which contain 35% hydrogen peroxide.

The innovative light system activates the hydrogen peroxide in the gel to speed up the tooth-whitening procedure, giving your teeth their optimal whiteness in just over an hour.